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We are here to help and guide you. When someone close to you dies, it can be difficult to know what to do, when and how to start the funeral arrangements. Whether your loved one has died unexpectedly, at home, in hospital, in a nursing home or even abroad, we can liaise with the relevant organisations to support you at this time of need. On your initial contact we may advise, if applicable, the removal of the deceased back to our chapel of rest.

When you feel able to discuss funeral arrangements for your loved one we can do this at our premises, visit you at home, and in some cases over the telephone. We will guide you through the arrangements to ensure your personal wishes care carried out. To help through this difficult time, we have put together a list of questions and information that you will be asked for during the arrangement process. This is not an extensive list, but will probably help you to prepare yourself for the arrangement. Please contact us at any stage for further advice.

Burial or Cremation

If burial is required

Burial usually takes place in a local Cemetery or Churchyard, where either a new grave is prepared  (usually for 2 interments but can be for 3) or an existing family grave is reopened. 

If an new grave is required, the decision is needed, how many interments will be taking place in it. In a local authority Cemetery grave deeds are issued following the funeral, but not normally in a Churchyard , as different rules apply. It therefore follows that in the case of an existing grave in a local authority Cemetery we would require the deed before the grave could be reopened.

If cremation is decided

First of all the decision is needed as to which Crematorium you wish to use, the choice is yours, but we are happy to discuss the differences with you help you make that decision.

The next step is to decide wether a service would be preferred at a location other than the Crematorium, in which case the Crematorium would only be required for a short committal service, or a longer service time would be needed for all the service to take place at the Crematorium. We would discuss with you all the details and options possible at the Crematorium (e.g. curtains open or closed , and music etc.)

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